Superhero College Degree

I had a fun thought while playing “superheroes” with my son this morning…wouldn’t it be fun to have college degrees that focused on being a superhero?  Typically you could major in chemistry, biochemistry, computer science, engineering, fashion, business, etc.  But those are all in silos.  What makes some of the best superheroes so awesome is their cross context knowledge of these areas.

For example,   Tony Stark (Iron Man) knows about all of those things and he’s uses that knowledge to make Iron Man a reality.  Admittedly he is a super-genius at all of them, but I think it would be fun to have a curriculum that facilitated teaching people enough about each one to do something significant (and hopefully encourage them to develop their knowledge/skills over the course of their lives).  You’d also have to add some physical fitness/combat component to it, but that shouldn’t be a big deal.

And, the superhero universe is so diverse, you could have variations of the curriculums so that you could get a PhD in Iron Man, or The Hulk, or Professor Xavier, and so on.  The more i think about, the more I want to start my own University to make this happen :)